REMOVED: Amigo. Male young cat 6 months old. Gorgeous lucky black cat!

This beautiful boy is looking for love..Found looking for food outside a bar with his brother, now ready for a real home!

Cat Fact file

Name – AMIGO
Breed – MIX
Sex – MALE
Age – 6 MONTHS
Vaccinations – YES
Spayed/neutered – YES
Special needs – NO
DATE POSTED – MARCH 1 2016 (REF:2702)



Hello everyone. This is AMIGO

Amigo and his best friend Mr Cuddles were found outside a bar in Granada after being dumped there. They were both very scared at first but had obviously been used to a home and people and weren’t feral.
They have now been castrated and blood tested and are both negative for FIV and FLV.
They are both now getting used to my other cats and my dog (and learning not to attack the dog) and are becoming more outgoing and less fearful by the day.
They are both lovely, gentle sweet little lads who can be homed either separately or together.

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