Dogs who are looking for a new home

Meet the Valle Verde Dogs… these lovely boys and girls are currently being housed at the Valle Verde shelter at Cantalobos or in the foster care of a group of kind volunteers, to whom we are endlessly grateful. Take a look at our rogues gallery and get in touch if you would like to talk to us about one of our wonderful canine charges.

Otis male Mastín looking for forever home

Otis – 2 year old male Mastín

Otis is a young male Mastín approximately 2 years old. He’s a big boy, friendly and loves attention. Let’s find this boy a home!

Nela, female podenco reserved for adoption

RESERVED: Nela – 3 year old female Podenco

RESERVED: Nela is a sweet-natured girl. She’s 3 years old now, neutered, chipped and ready to travel. Who will find a place in your heart and in your home for this lovely girl?

Valle Verde Rottweiler Candela meets Dani Rovira and makes her TV debut on ANTENA 3' show ‘El Hormiguero’

Our Candela meets Dani Rovira and makes her TV debut on ‘El Hormiguero’

Last week our very own Rottie Candela, accompanied by Freya Rodgers and Krysta Bond, appeared on poplular ANTENA 3 television show ‘El Hormiguero’. Dani Rovira told her sad story of a decade of neglect, starvation and violence at the hands of an abusive owner and made an appeal to find her a loving home.