ADOPTED Dama – A gorgeous girl with a great personality…!

This is Dama, a puppy found abandoned with her brother Baloo in Órgiva. Her adoption has fallen through for the second time and she is now looking for a new and fabulous forever home. Please share her story.

Dog Fact file

Name – DAMA
Breed – MIX
Age – 8 MONTHS
Vaccinations – YES
Chipped – YES
Spayed/neutered – YES
Ready to travel – YES
Special needs – NO
RE-POSTED 6 AUG 2015 REF: 848

DSC_0863 - Copy


Hello everyone. My name is DAMA

My brother Baloo and I were found abandoned in Órgiva. Baloo has found his forever home and I was going to a couple in Holland but that didn’t work out. Then I was adopted again, but that didn’t work out either, but it wasn’t my fault I promise you…!


I have had all my vaccinations, I am chipped and spayed and I am ready to travel. I can’t wait to get to my new forever home. I just hope this time it’s really forever……

This is Dama
Abandoned Mastín puppy
Dama and her brother Baloo
Dama with her foster parents - Natacha and Nichlas
Chilling in her foster home. Good luck Dama!