Jack was found wandering and is now safe in the refuge, could you squeeze our small boy in?! 

Dog Fact file

Name – JACK
Sex – MALE
Age -10 MONTHS OLD (DOB 3/02/2015)
Vaccinations – YES
Chipped – YES
Spayed/neutered – IN PROGRESS
Ready to travel – YES
Special needs – NO

DATE POSTED – 12/12/15 (Ref:)2346



Hello everyone. This is JACK

Jack came to the shelter after having wandered onto someones land and tried to live with them…the poor boy just wanted some food and water which the home owners did and then called us… Safe now, but ready for his forever home, Jack is an exeptionally sweet tiny little guy similar to a chiuaua but slightly bigger. He has a wonderful personality and goes well with the other dogs he shares with. Please adopt Jack today 🙂

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