Find out about pet adoption at Valle Verde Animal Rescue

Adoption for all the animals that we rescue is our end goal

There will be many people who will care for your new pet on his or her journey to you, but without you we could not function at all. We receive new reports of abandoned puppies and kittens every day, as well as cases of abuse and neglect. These animals have been discarded and the love, care and security that you can offer them will ensure them the happy life that they deserve.

What is required of you?

Subject to a home check, you can adopt one or more of our cats or dogs wherever you live. Certain fees apply relating to transport and getting the animal fit and ready to travel. These fees vary according to the individual animal’s needs and your location.

What you can expect from us?

We organise foster care and get your new pet ready to travel i.e. vaccinated, neutered, chipped and passported… and then it’s over to you.

Breakdown of adoptions fees

The adoption charge for an adult male dog is €150, for a female is €170 and for puppies €100. So that you can see where your money is being spent, the following is a breakdown of the costs incurred by the shelter for getting a dog ready for adoption:

Castration:  €60 Spay operation: €85 ***
Chip:  €25 Chip:  €25 Chip:  €25
Passport: €10 Passport: €10 Passport: €10
Rabies: €15 Rabies: €15 Rabies: €15
Other injections €15 Other injections €15 Other injections €15
Tick tablet:  €11 Tick tablet:  €11 Tick tablet:  €11
Leishmaniosis test:  €25 Leishmaniosis test:  €25 Leishmaniosis test:  €25
Blood test for med diseases:  €60 (optional) Blood test for med diseases:  €60 (optional) Blood test for med diseases:  €60 (optional)
Total Costs:  €221 (€161 without blood test) Total Costs: €246 (€186 without blood test) Total Costs : €161 (€101 without blood test)
***For Puppies there are no neutering costs as generally they are too young for this procedure when they go to their new homes.

Ask us about adopting

General adoption enquiry form

General adoption enquiry form

If you are enquiring about a particular animal for adoption, please include in your message the pet name and reference number shown in the 'General' section of their individual post. Thank you.

Find a pet

Here are some of the other cat and dogs currently waiting to find their forever homes. Could that be with you?

Click on your favourite below or find more here

Rex, male puppy seeks home

Rex – male puppy

AdoptVaccinations: Yes Chipped: Yes Spayed/neutered: Yes Ready to travel: Yes Special needs: NoSee more pics belowAsk us about adopting[formidable id=23 title=true...
Lorenzo, male Bodeguero cross

Lorenzo – male Bodeguero cross

Lorenzo is a young male Bodeguero Cross male. He is an energetic and excitable young boy and mixes well with his group. Let’s find him a home!
Frida, female long-haired Podenco

Frida – Long-haired Podenco female

Frida is a sweet girl who mixes well with other dogs. Let’s find her a home!

Dori, female Podenco

Dori – female Podenco

Dori is a female Podenco Dori is a friendly girl and great with people, dogs and cats. Let’s find this girl a home!

Millie, female long-haired Podenco

Millie – female long-haired Podenco

Millie is an extremely happy and friendly soul, her tail is always wagging. She’s active and therefore needs an active family. Let’s find her a home!

Rosita, female Podenco

Rosita- young female Podenco seeks home

Rosita is a very friendly and affectionate young Podenco who loves being with people and playing with other dogs. She is good with children and cats too.

Nando – large male dog seeks forever home

Nando is a big, friendly boy who loves being with people. He has leish so needs to take Allopurinol daily. Let’s find him a home!

Buddy, male Podenco Cross

Buddy – male Podenco Cross for adoption

Buddy is a Podenco cross and a very lively boy. He loves playing with his siblings. Let’s find this boy a home!

Lilly is a female Mastin German Shepherd mix from a litter of six. Let's find this puppy a forever home!

Lilly – female German Shepherd Mastín Mix seeks home

Lilly is a female Mastin German Shepherd mix from a litter of six. Let’s find this girl a forever home!

Cilla – female puppy German Shepherd Mastín Mix

Cilla is a female Mastin German Shepherd mix from a litter of six. Let’s find this girl a forever home!

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