Fundraising for Valle Verde Animal Rescue

If you would like to help raise money for the animals of Valle Verde we would be absolutely delighted to hear from you and to offer any support that we can.

Here are some fundraising ideas to get you inspired.

Organise a sponsored event

  • Extreme sports – abseil, skydive, BASE jump, bungee jump
  • Crazy ideas – haircut/dye, baked bean bath, custard boots
  • Activities – bike, run, swim, walk, climb
  • Give something up – sponsored fast, or give up smoking, coffee, chocolate, TV…

How to collect donations for sponsored events

As well as making cash collections, there are various resources available for the collection of sponsorship such as Just Giving.  This is a well-recognised site, which adds weight to your endeavour, and makes it easy for sponsors to donate online by credit or debit card.

You can also raise quite a lot of money by soliciting donations in person or on the phone. If you are doing some kind of sport or activity don’t forget to ask a trusted friend to be on hand to collect donations on the day.

Organise a bake or craft sale or sell your services

Bake and craft sales are very popular for fundraising and can be run on a regular and seasonal basis.

You might also include a raffle at your sale. If you don’t have the cake baking or crafting skills you can always offer your services for donations instead. You could even get the whole family or your street involved in the effort.

Here are just a few ideas for services you could offer to people who would like to support a good cause.

Lawn mowing • Gardening • Babysitting • Eldercare • Dog-walking • Errands and odd jobs • Cleaning • Car washing

Please do get in touch if you are planning a fundraising or sponsored event and we can send you full details about what we do here at Valle Verde Animal Rescue to help you in your effort. We will do whatever we can to help you promote your event on social media and we would love to share any stories or photos that you provide.

Finally, after collecting your sponsorships and donations you can make your donation to Valle Verde Animal Rescue here.


Find a pet

Here are some of the other cat and dogs currently waiting to find their forever homes. Could that be with you?

Click on your favourite below or find more here

Suki, female Mastín seeks home

Suki – Female Mastín seeks home

Adopt Suki, a female Mastín found pregnant and malnourished. She is now recovered and a lovely character. Good with other dogs.

Sary, senior female dog needs home

Sary – senior female dog seeks loving home

Sary is a 12-year-old female older lady looking for a stable home. Good with people, dogs and cats, she does get anxious when left alone. Let’s find her the home she deserves.

Lorenzo, male Bodeguero cross

Lorenzo – male Bodeguero cross

Lorenzo is a young male Bodeguero Cross male. He is an energetic and excitable young boy and mixes well with his group. Let’s find him a home!

Frida, female long-haired Podenco

Frida – Long-haired Podenco female

Frida is a sweet girl who mixes well with other dogs. Let’s find her a home!

Dori, female Podenco

Dori – female Podenco

Dori is a female Podenco Dori is a friendly girl and great with people, dogs and cats. Let’s find this girl a home!

Millie, female long-haired Podenco

Millie – female long-haired Podenco

Millie is an extremely happy and friendly soul, her tail is always wagging. She’s active and therefore needs an active family. Let’s find her a home!

Rosita, female Podenco

Rosita- young female Podenco seeks home

Rosita is a very friendly and affectionate young Podenco who loves being with people and playing with other dogs. She is good with children and cats too.

Nando – large male dog seeks forever home

Nando is a big, friendly boy who loves being with people. He has leish so needs to take Allopurinol daily. Let’s find him a home!

Buddy, male Podenco Cross

Buddy – male Podenco Cross for adoption

Buddy is a Podenco cross and a very lively boy. He loves playing with his siblings. Let’s find this boy a home!

Lilly is a female Mastin German Shepherd mix from a litter of six. Let's find this puppy a forever home!

Lilly – female German Shepherd Mastín Mix seeks home

Lilly is a female Mastin German Shepherd mix from a litter of six. Let’s find this girl a forever home!

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