Sweet male Terrier puppy called Sonny needs a home

Puppy brain. Yes, it’s a real thing.

Not that any of us here at Valle Verde needed confirmation, but here it is: The scientific evidence that puppies are good for you!
In a very entertaining and enlightening video Shannon Odell, Neuroscience Ph.D candidate, writer, comedian and dog lover, explains in simple terms the effect of puppies on the brain.

Valle Verde Rottweiler Candela meets Dani Rovira and makes her TV debut on ANTENA 3' show ‘El Hormiguero’

Our Candela meets Dani Rovira and makes her TV debut on ‘El Hormiguero’

Last week our very own Rottie Candela, accompanied by Freya Rodgers and Krysta Bond, appeared on poplular ANTENA 3 television show ‘El Hormiguero’. Dani Rovira told her sad story of a decade of neglect, starvation and violence at the hands of an abusive owner and made an appeal to find her a loving home.

10 reasons to adopt a rescue dog

10 Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog

Welcoming a dog into your life is a wonderful thing that will bring you endless joy but it is also a great responsibility. Once you have made that huge decision you have the further responsibility of choosing where you should go to find your perfect pet partner. So, if you are looking for reasons to adopt a rescue dog, here they are:

A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat

Cats are obligatory carnivores and are very different from humans and dogs in their dietary requirements. It is essential to remember that cats are not little dogs! They are very inflexible about what food they need to remain healthy.

Super Foods for Super Dogs

Increasingly our four legged friends are visiting vets with a range of illnesses, such as allergies, respiratory complaints, skin irritations and heart conditions that may have their roots in a poor diet. There is an alternative that only requires a little thought and some planning.

Taking on a Rescue Animal

There is a myth that animals from a rescue centre must be difficult, why else would they be there? So many people would rather buy a dog or a cat from a breeder, thus creating the demand for more and more animals to be bred, often in appalling conditions. Sadly here in Spain, there is also a culture of not neutering animals, thus creating an even greater problem.