Fostering is a vitally important step towards the final goal of adoption for every animal that we rescue.

animals-V2-47877_1280By offering a temporary home to some of the most vulnerable animals that we encounter, from the very young to the very old animals, or those who need special care after illness, trauma or accident, you are giving them the safe, loving environment that they deserve while we search for a permanent home.

We are delighted if our foster families fall in love with their charges and don’t want to say goodbye, we call it #FosterFail, but don’t be concerned that there may be pressure for you to follow-on to adoption. Interim fostering is absolutely crucial because we are rescuing new animals in need every day.

What is required of you:

If you live in Granada or Málaga provinces and can offer a short-term home and a lot of love to any of our rescue animals then please get in touch. We will need to be sure that your home and situation meets the needs of the animal involved and also that the animal will be a good fit with your family and other pets.

What you can expect from us:

We provide transport and pay all vet’s bills and offer other financial support if needed. We can even help you prepare your home for fostering by building an enclosure for puppies or supplying a kennel and other items.

If this sounds like something you can offer please, please do get in touch here… and click here to find out about dogs or cats currently in need of homes or take a look at the gallery below.