A message to all our supporters during the Coronavirus lockdown

Hi everyone!

As you can probably imagine, the coronavirus and the lockdown situation here in Spain is affecting us quite badly. Most of our hotel bookings have cancelled, all our fundraisers we have had to cancel, all our weekend car boot sales are cancelled and we desperately need these bookings and car boot stalls etc to fund our rescue centre. we have rent and bills, food, vets, wages… the list in endless…. in just two weeks we stand to lose at least 2,200euros in lost boarding fees, lost sales and having to cancel our two fundraisers.

Our transports for our adopted dogs have also been cancelled (as I write this) which is just sad for the little guys hoping to be in a family soon… but they will be reorganized after the lockdown has finished.

PLEASE if there is anyone out there who can donate a little towards our running costs we would be so very very very grateful (we know there are many people in the same boat as us losing work and income).

In the meantime, we must stay positive, spend time with our lockdown partners and of course, its a great opportunity to work on training with your pets! Keeps you both from getting bored!

Big hugs and huge thanks… (from 8 meters away of course)


Any amount gratefully received 

Visit our donation page here for more details on how to make a donation.

PAYPAL: valleverdeanimalrescue@hotmail.com

please contact me or Linda Rane for bank details!

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