ADOPTED Cassius… Gorgeous Mastin Boy, 8 weeks old.

This is Cassius, he is very handsome and super confident. Cassius was found with his mum and siblings living amongst some old pallets but they are now safe and chunky and looking for their homes!  

Dog Fact file

Breed – MASTIN
Sex – MALE
Age – 8 WEEKS
Vaccinations – YES
Chipped – YES
Spayed/neutered – IN PROGRESS
Ready to travel – SOON
Special needs – NO

DATE POSTED – 26/11/2015 (Ref:) 2300



Hello everyone. This is CASSIUS

Cassius was found living rough in the countryside with his mum Claudia and his siblings. They sheltered under pallets and were fed on handouts from neighbours. Claudia has done a wonderful job of mothering these pups and they are well adjusted, sociable and healthy pups. Cassius has beautiful dark blue eyes and freckles (all the siblings have freckles :))  Please consider offering CASSIUS a home today!

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