Taking on a Rescue Animal


Rescuing an older animal can be incredibly rewarding

There is a myth that animals from a rescue centre must be difficult, why else would they be there?

So many people would rather buy a dog or a cat from a breeder, thus creating the demand for more and more animals to be bred, often in appalling conditions. Sadly here in Spain, there is also a culture of not neutering animals, thus creating an even greater problem.

Cats and Dogs arrive at a rescue centre for many, many different reasons, none of them the animal’s fault. Some have been neglected, abandoned, many abused, or perhaps their owner has died and there is no one to care for them. Rescue Centres, such as Valle Verde Animal Rescue in La Herradura, will take as many animals as they physically and financially can, rescue them, care for them, rehabilitate them and re-home them.

So if you are thinking of taking on a cat or a dog from a Rescue Centre, what should you take into consideration?

Firstly speak with the Rescue Centre, they are experienced in working with animals and can discuss with you what your requirements are. A responsible Rescue Centre will want to know as much as possible about you, do you have other animals, children etc. A home check should be carried out, to make sure that the animal you want to adopt will be suitable. This should be done to avoid future problems and the adoption not working out. If this information is not required from you, then you need to ask yourself, are you going to get the animal that you want and one that will be suitable in the long term. There will also be a cost, as Rescue Centres are normally charities and need to cover the costs of vaccinations, neutering, chipping and travel passports where necessary.

The rescue centre ensure that the rescue animal is suited for you, your home, family and other pets

A good rescue centre will be dedicated to finding the right match for the rescue animal, you, your family, and other pets.

A responsible Rescue Centre will find out as much as possible about an animal first, whether it is friendly, good with other dogs or cats, family friendly as well as checking for any health issues. If the history of the animal is unknown, then some Rescue Centres such as Valle Verde Animal Rescue will foster an animal with an experienced person first, to learn what the animal is like and if there are any issues that need addressing, before the animal can be re-homed. You should expect the Rescue Centre to organise the vaccinations, neutering and chipping of an animal before you adopt it.

Adopting an animal from a Rescue Centre can be incredibly rewarding, especially if it is one of the older residents, who are often overlooked in favour of the cute kittens and puppies. The satisfaction of giving a loving home to a rescue animal is not to be underestimated. So if you are thinking about giving a home to a rescued animal please contact Valle Verde on +34 603 739 886 or via the contact form.

By Sue Rodgers for Valle Verde Animal Rescue

This article was originally published in the Sentinella March 2016

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