Important Tips for Boarding your Cat or Dog

What do you do with your pets when you go away?

Cantalobos Residencia, Almuñécar

Cantalobos Residencia, Almuñécar

A dilemma for many people. There are several options, each with their own pros and cons. The advantage of having your pet stay at a professional boarding facility is the knowledge that they will be looked after by people who have your pet’s welfare as their priority. Friends and family may offer, and be well meaning, but may not have the time or skill to look after your animal as you would.

If you are thinking about boarding your animal, here are some important tips:

1. Always check out the boarding facility first – most places will let you view the facilities first before you have to book. Make sure the area is clean and that there is plenty of space for the animals to run around in, with secure comfortable sleeping areas.

2. Observe how the staff interact with the animals, are they confident handling animals and are they caring towards the animals.

3. Ask what food they supply and are they happy to medicate your pet if required. And are there extra costs for this.

4. Ask what veterinary facilities there are in case of sickness or an accident, or where the nearest vet clinic is.

5. Check out the website and social media for comments from previous clients.

6. Ensure your pet is fully vaccinated as well as worming and flea treatments being up to date.

7. It is a good idea to fit your pet with a collar and ID tag just in case.

8. If your pet has never boarded before, try a couple of nights first before you go away for any extended period.

9. RELAX in the knowledge that your pet will be lovingly cared for while you are away.

By Sue Rodgers for Valle Verde Animal Rescue

This article was originally published in the Sentinella June 2016

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