Exclusive sneak preview of ‘Tails of the Alpjuarras’

Standing-bookAfter an overwhelming response to the call for contributions, Tails of The Alpujarras, the anthology of poems, anecdotes and heart-warming animal stories, is now available in paperback and e-book.

Curated by author, David Luddington, with the kind support of his publishers, Mirador Publishing, this wonderful collection includes real-life and fictional tales generously donated by first-time writers, published novelists and broadcasters including Victoria Twead, David Luddington, Jeff Jones and Elizabeth Revill.

The cover was designed by local artist Charlotte Moore and all proceeds will go to Valle Verde Animal Rescue.

The book opens with a story from international bestselling author Chris Stewart, (Driving over Lemons) and we are excited to give you an exclusive taster of that first chapter here:

The Near Death Of Bumble

from Last Days Of The Bus Club

By Chris Stewart

Picture, if you will, a river raging from its gorge, a truly terrifying tumult of waters, an element gone berserk. As near bonkers as you can get, we, the inhabitants of the far side of that river, had sailed across it suspended from a cable, the ‘Flying Fox’ as it is known in the trade. Our daughter, Chloé, was going back to Granada.

As we hugged one another goodbye, Bumble, our big white Mastín Leonés, appeared beside us, battered and bedraggled. I could hardly believe that she had launched herself into the raging water and struggled across for no other reason than that we happened briefly to be on the other side. It was little short of a miracle that she had survived. Chloé, delighted by this heroic gesture, smothered her with a big display of affection, while Ana and I tried to disguise our anxiety as to how on earth we’d manage to get the brainless creature home.

Bumble is an enormously strong dog, affectionately known as “The Lifter”, for her endearing habit of thrusting her enormous nose deep into the crotch of unsuspecting visitors and, with a heave of her powerful neck, lifting them off the ground. There are some who find this good-natured demonstration of affection embarrassing; we find it a hoot. But there was little lift left in that poor shaken creature shivering and whimpering beside us.

Read the rest of this story and more in Tails of The Alpujarras…

We are indebted to all those wonderful people who have helped make this anthology a reality. You can now order your copy on Amazon today.

Please read and enjoy, share with your friends and know that you are helping to change lives and save lives here is Southern Spain.

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